today is a BAD day !


Today i have a chemistry lab practical exam for my end of this semester, i just did so many mistakes during the exam. Definitely lose many marks for this paper. I guess the maximum will be 35 over 50. Not satisfied.

I hate lab test. Why? There are many tests for unknowns compounds have negative results. Therefore I wrote my observations and inferences. Why i got no marks (different answers with the marks schema)? Not my steps are wrong, not my observations wrong. Actually many students also couldn't get the positive test and the correct titrate value, but they knew what questions will be printed in the exam paper, but they knew what results for the tests they suppose to get. So, even they didn't get the positive results, they will write the positive results - correct answers. What happen to those who don't know the Q and answer, and yet din get the positive results? ... ... Just lose all the marks. The solutions and the test reagents make the mistake. I didn't make any mistake. I deserve the marks...

Another bad thing happens to me. The chemical compounds are so dangerous. I begin to think about, whether I should choose Chemical Engineering next time or not! Again during the lab practical, I am testing with an organic compound, a colourless solution. About 1 cm3 of the that solution drops to my finger (I did notice that).Then my finger feels very cold. I am wondering what happens to my finger... stupid scientist's attitude... I slightly smell my finger only. A pungent smell attacks my nose. Until now my nose still feels pain and can't smell nicely. Huge lesson for me today if i still going choose chemical E. Hopefully my nose will recover faster.. very suffering.

But luckily 1 thing... my physics get quite high marks. 86%
wish myself good luck and all the best all the time!