I really miss my summer break so much! nice people, nice foods, nice trips! I was too relax and now... balas come liao!!! 100 times busier than last sem!

This sem is really killing me! damm busy. because of the lab la - inorganic lab test! Still got 12 lab tests and 3 oral tests to go! hopefully can finish all within 5 weeks. I DUWAN RESIT FOR THIS IDIOT LAB NEXT SEM!!!

Well, actually im in library now searching for info one of the next lab test.
Here is it :

Hope it wont BOOM. My face dark enuf d. and I duwan wear fake hair also!!! :(

Whole day just ate a brezel. aikz... almost everyday le!!! sacrify the lunch time so that got enough time for the lab test! kek sim!!! im gonna bcum thinner n thinner!!!

It's so cold out there. And raining now! how to walk back!!!
First time I so wanted to talk but no time and no people talk to!
Stressku ni ~~~

-short update here-
-miss u guys-
-hope i still can survive la-
-with love-