Summer Break just started.

After 9days 8 nights Spain trip, I back to HOME on 5th!!! 16 hours in total (13 hrs flight and 3 hrs transit in Dubai). :-)

3 days later on, followed Gimwei's car to KL, and spent 10days there. Evyday KLCC, lowyat, and KLCC. Din't go to Broga hill that we planned before this. =.=|| But I did meet up with lots friends there. simon,zingyi,ah tan,shin ning, leongwei, cai hong. but most of the time, gim wei and I just stick together. sounds gay. simply because we din't have kt. lol

I said I want to go The One Gallery exhibition to see my good friend's hard work. 1 Gold and 1 Merit award for her graphic design. C'gratz to her. But I din't. Hope she din't get mad with me! sorry yea!

I did settle my sis's lappie stuff. Sent back to HP service centre and check for nothing. That's funny! huh~ Then my mum and sis keep asking me when to go back. They need the laptop. Aikz. Good son just hard to be. 19th followed Poi Aik's dad car back to Taiping. Too many stuff to update. Wait for 35 mins for Rapid KL. Hot like hell weather. Sweating non stop. Hand Carry is broken.

Weekend in KL.
Weekend the happiest.haha... Walk around the golden area in KL. KLCC, Pavilion, Lowyat, Sg. Wang and Midvalley. Saw an event in Sg.Wang - Laundry fashion show. Got a chance to test my new flash gun.

The only best shot. Others just like shit! It's all b'coz my 55-200 focusing is too slow and the models are moving all the time!!! :(
Another thing is - MY FLASH GET OVERHEAT TOO EASILY! I hate that !!! T.T

Dinner with friends Sunday, Midvalley

Enjoy delicious food in House of pencake. =)

Met Eiling and her boyfriend,Patrick the same day too. Too many things to talk and too little time. Her boyfriend was like kinda bored when we talked so he walked away and shopping alone. OMG, I'm just so sorry. It's just so hard to talk to someone new. Lack of social skill! haha. charm!

After the dinner, it was suppose to be accompany caihong to look for the flash for her fisheye 2 in The Garden. But end up. Gimwei and I bought 2 toy camera. =.=|| 35mm waterproof camera.Online seller called it a lomo cam as well, I have no idea. haha... Maybe it is and maybe not. And also 2 roll of film. negative cross-over effect and red effect.

Monday 16th.
Hang out with my best friend in 1u. watched "Salt" nice action movie by Angelina Jolie. An CIA agent and also a russian spy. Then jalan jalan to see the latest fashion - "flower design" LOL. Sakae Sushi dinner. Not that nice nia. See when got time bring me go eat Sushi zanmai la...

Wednesday 18th,

I drove uncle's car to summit pick gimwei. He said he is sick. Need to see doctor. Haha.. KCKC mc again! drive to Taipan see doc. then drive to Lowyat buy some stuffs. Spent lots $$$ that day! 1,5 TB 3.5' hard disk ( seagate freeagent ) Rm320, 120gb 2.5' IDE hard disk to repair my mum's laptop Rm 140. D90 battery grip Rm 240. cleaning kit Rm 15. wow! charm.

Thursday 19th,

Morning drive to pusat damansara collect my sis laptop and back to taiping lurrr~
Planned to visit my juniors in shah alam. But they got meeting with "Alles ich" Brian! haha.. not so free. And I also rushing to go back. Nvm la.. next time. :-)
C'grats to all of you yea score so excellent result in A-level.

lastly: special thanks to that lazy guy.always kckc take mc and accompany me. Scare I got bored in kl. fetch me all the time. thansk alot buddy gimwei. :-)

This is what that in my mind now : after spain trip

" posing under the hot sun for half an hour just to take a perfect photo (credit to our photographer who carried his Nikon D90 throughout the whole trip) ... What an awesome week in Spain!!! "

Well, I know u might read my blog - this post or others e.g. penghong will tell u what I wrote too. But this is my blog, I write what I feel. Don't categorize me with that big head yik ming.

Firstly, I don't know whether this is a joke or not.praising or pijak-ing. If it is a joke or praise, I'm so sorry for don't know how to enjoy ur joke.(but i dont thk thats a joke) Secondly,since when u posing under hot sun for half an hour? If yes, maximum 15mins. Plus, I never ask u to stand for the test shot. Penghong havent said a word, when is ur turn to kap siao! And then, I have to apologize for my noob skill that cant settle the perfect pic within 1 shot. and wasting all ur time. Thirdly, I never force u to take group photo with us. U can just sit under the tree. Let ur legs have enough rest. At least I know got 1 people wengsum like me, also wish to have a perfect pic. Fourthly, I want to take group pics whenever we reach a nice place for the sweet memories of the trip. Since u so be syok and ur be syok make me so be syok as well, I rather never take group pics or group pics without u than after take liao let u kap kap siao siao during the trip, and also fb! What is the point I make myself so miserable. 干嘛让自己酱委屈,看你的脸色做人? 你又不是我的谁~ That's why sumtimes I help wengsum take pics, he help me take. Feel better than take pics with those who kap siao-ing there. Lastly, I got shot a few pics of u, for now, I feel like deleting all of them from my memory card. But, i won't. Not sure u want or not also. But I wont gv u! B'coz they shot by my "D90".

Well, be syok is just this moment. I still looking forward for the next trip,with u! But I definitely wont thick my face ask to u join me for the group photos. Even u urself offer that,I feel I think I din't qualify to take pic with u.

-happy holiday-