Day Trip to Melacca

Well, I think this trip is mainly focus on FOOD and FRIENDS!

Sedapnyerrrr ~~~~
I forgotten to take photo of saty celup. aiks...

deng deng... problem solved... yiching took it... 

(i) 鸡饭粒
(ii) Durian cendol
(iii) Nyonya and Baba Laksa
(iv) 千层蛋糕
(v) coconut milkshake
(vi) Satay Celup

Long time no see yiching d... she is still same like old time... so fierce! LOL

our 3rd time hangout huh?
She was so paiseh all the time...Funny... hahhaha
Kar Seng and Alvin....

Tamchiak pattern... 

 Thanks yiching for letting me and vern nessa tumpang! :)

I had a wonderful day trip.. thank you so much!

L-O-V-E this photo so much! its so ''drama''! hahaha

wrote on 21/06/2012
Didn't bring along my DSLR 
all photo took with 4s
Regret lo