Something i learnt fr movie.

Just to share something meaningful with you or maybe I hope this  post could actually be a little note for myself, so that it can remind me when i forget it some times later.


Are you a smart or a stupid one?

A smart person, normally will think a few steps further than a stupid one before certain incidents happened. So, he is good in planning strategies, and can be a very successful businessman for example. But every step he take, has a motive in behind. Other than that, he will use this mindset as well for the people around him. For example, his relatives visit him (well, maybe with or without motive), but he definitely will think they visit him with a motive like borrow money or other sort of help. and to avoid others have the chance of taking advantages of him. he might treats the guests with unpleasant attitude. do you think the people around a smart person are happy? And what about himself?

So, if Gods would give u a smart brain, but you will never be happy. Will you say YES?or NO?

I guess you cant choose to be smart or stupid. But you can choose to live happily by treat people around you with pure heart and appreciate them of course.

Day Trip to Melacca

Well, I think this trip is mainly focus on FOOD and FRIENDS!

Sedapnyerrrr ~~~~
I forgotten to take photo of saty celup. aiks...

deng deng... problem solved... yiching took it... 

(i) 鸡饭粒
(ii) Durian cendol
(iii) Nyonya and Baba Laksa
(iv) 千层蛋糕
(v) coconut milkshake
(vi) Satay Celup

Long time no see yiching d... she is still same like old time... so fierce! LOL

our 3rd time hangout huh?
She was so paiseh all the time...Funny... hahhaha
Kar Seng and Alvin....

Tamchiak pattern... 

 Thanks yiching for letting me and vern nessa tumpang! :)

I had a wonderful day trip.. thank you so much!

L-O-V-E this photo so much! its so ''drama''! hahaha

wrote on 21/06/2012
Didn't bring along my DSLR 
all photo took with 4s
Regret lo

Ski - Trip

I am writing this post for the second time. Just now wrote it while I was in the train. And there is something wrong with the Internet. Failed to publish... AARRGGHH~
So, here it goes~
I had an awesome vacation in Feldberg black forest, Germany. Its the first time I enjoyed the winter and snow so so much! It was a 7 days and 6 nights ski trip. :)
Day 1 ( 12.2.2012 )

the only day with sunshine, super good weather! Others were with lots of fog and snow drop.
Zalia suggested that people should call it as white forest instead of black forest.

He is my day 1 teacher. Jochen, a friend of chen liang.
*** Bryan is injured after that, and rest for 2 days!

Day 2 ( 13.2.2012 )

I'm too dumb, Jochen kept teaching me and Bryan, and he can't really enjoy the SPEED. So I decided to take a ski course. I paid 35€ for a one day course. 4 hours in total. I found it very worthy because the class is 1 teacher to 2 students only. Include me of course. So it's more like a private class. ( but the price is group-price ) Besides, I had a very nice and pretty ski teacher. She is Romy. I wanted to take a picture together with her, but I'm too shy to ask for it. Well, before I left on the last day I said to her that we will see each other next winter again. Hopefully she is still there that time. XD
Day 3 ( 14.2.2012 )
Valentines day, but I'm single, I think it's none of my business, so, still ski ~

Tested a new route, Fahler Loch II. I tried it 3 times, but I still find it very hard. The slope is so stiff, long narrow and lots of bumps.
Every time I reached this point, I will stop and stand here look downward, start to feel depressed. I don't know how to go down! Lol
Day 4
Rest my muscle at the apartment!

Injuries, blue black on my ear and kaki Bengkak! :(
Day 5 (16.2.2012)

Games after dinner with shots of absinthe 66%.
Day 6 (17.2.2012)

Ski to a black piste! DANGEROUS route~ nahhhh IMPOSSIBLE LA. I just stopped there and took a picture. The real 1 was red piste 12 Klusenwald. Favorite route~ :D
*** Esmond hit a little girl here. And she cried and scolded him HALLO~ then her dad came ... ...
Well, I really love this trip, I learnt how to ski! I am so talented! *perasan* Hahaha~ wanna buy a ski set in ebay soon. Have fun people!
Look forwards to my food tour in Malaysia. HAPPY HOLIDAY!!! C ya ~


I still remember I watched a movie, which the story is based on a novel of Haruki Murakami, - Norwegian Wood! I totally cant understand to film! But it had quite a high rating and sort of masterpiece from Haruki.
So i decided to try read his newest Novel, which is also a best seller for year 2011.


The novel is separated in 3 parts.
Part 1 : April-June;
Part 2 : July to September
Part 3 : October to December.

It's generally about a love story between Tengo and Aomame and parallel worlds. They were classmates for 2 years during primary school. And they secretly love each other. And the feeling and the faith are like a strong magnetic field that pulls them toward each other, but not in the real world year of 1984, but another world, where there are 2 Moons, year 1Q84. ( Q stand for question marks! ) And there are dangers in this world. E.g. The 'little people' Sakigake and Ushikawa.

Well, I really like the opening! He set up the story in a very nice and special way, complex and surreal narrative which shifts back and froth between Tengo and Aomame. Which made me expect more,or at least the same level for the ending. But it turned out not as good as I expected. He used only 1 last chapter plus 2 short chapters to end the story about how they met each other and escape from the world of 1Q84 back to the world which MAYBE the real world 1984. I personally think that he ended the story too easily, which left me a lot of Q in my mind.
He brings out the power of the Little people. He described they can do a lot of thing that can cause threats to Tengo and Aomame, BUT ~ WHERE are the dangers!!! ( After I found it was hard to keep me addicted to it, because it lacked of real climax ) But I still want to finish it, because I don't want to waste my effort~ since i have gone this far.
Air chrysalis. In part 3, about the air chrysalis that Tengo saw in his dad room in a Sanatorium, and the air chrysalis the little people were doing beside the body of Ushikawa. WHAT they became at the end?
The little one in Aomame's body! She is pregnant! But not much info after that.
The new novel written by Tengo. The way he described it, lead me to have a strong feeling that it's gonna be a important key for them to escape from 1Q84 in the ending! BUT! AGAIN~ NOTHING!
And also about Fuka Eri too. hmm... ....

Well, I know, It's a romance fiction, maybe Haruki wants leave more space for the reader to imagine.
After all, I'm not a professional novel reviewer. What i wrote is simply my opinion and my feeling after reading the book. 

Really enjoy reading books nowadays. Again, Thank you, my close friend in Australia, Ah kee gave me this positive influence!

Summer Holiday - Briefträger

I worked as Postman during the summer holiday. From 1st of August until 31st of August.
Just one month, that's really short! But FUN!!! hahaa

Seriously wanna thank Ben and his family. They treat me so well, like part of their family.
No kidding! I really appreciate that! His mother, Anja got this job for me, because she worked in Post office, Deutsche Post. Then his brother, Jan guided me and explain every single details to me.
But I forgot everything now! hahah
Besides, I met his grandpa and grandma too and had breakfast with them in Geislingen. They are really healthy old people.

Ohyea! I must tell this~ about the salary, just for your information, i earned 1000 euro for this summer job, which equal to RM 4200 ( according to currency that time ) Awesome right?haha...
Around 25 hours per week. 5 days a week. around 5 to 6 hours a day!!!

Will keep posting old posts nowadays to fill in the hole i left from may 2011 to Jan 2012

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Film Night

It's FRIDAY night!
And we all need to have a good entertainment!
Cinema in Aalen - Kinopark! shit 1... only has movies in german! dammit..
Downloaded a few new muveessss !
That's why we - Aalener ajak together and have a film night!
Movie : I am Number Four
No bad lo!
For me, the best part of the film is
Sarah with the Nikon analog camera!
Oh gosh!
Pretty siao~ @.@

Dianna Agron, you're so sweet!
( I always spell her family name as Argon! zzz inert gas! wahahaa)

B'coz of her.. I'm watching Glee now! :)

Bungy Jump

nahhhh m!m

給我擦淚,給我擁抱,給我溫暖的你 是最好的!



A : 要買甚麼手信啊?
B :甚麼都可以買,就除了風車。
A : 為甚麼呢?
B : 送她風車,會把她給吹走!:P
A : 不是,是把她身旁的狂風浪蝶吹走。
B : 你厲害。(好像你能醬!)
A :哦,無言以對 :(