I still remember I watched a movie, which the story is based on a novel of Haruki Murakami, - Norwegian Wood! I totally cant understand to film! But it had quite a high rating and sort of masterpiece from Haruki.
So i decided to try read his newest Novel, which is also a best seller for year 2011.


The novel is separated in 3 parts.
Part 1 : April-June;
Part 2 : July to September
Part 3 : October to December.

It's generally about a love story between Tengo and Aomame and parallel worlds. They were classmates for 2 years during primary school. And they secretly love each other. And the feeling and the faith are like a strong magnetic field that pulls them toward each other, but not in the real world year of 1984, but another world, where there are 2 Moons, year 1Q84. ( Q stand for question marks! ) And there are dangers in this world. E.g. The 'little people' Sakigake and Ushikawa.

Well, I really like the opening! He set up the story in a very nice and special way, complex and surreal narrative which shifts back and froth between Tengo and Aomame. Which made me expect more,or at least the same level for the ending. But it turned out not as good as I expected. He used only 1 last chapter plus 2 short chapters to end the story about how they met each other and escape from the world of 1Q84 back to the world which MAYBE the real world 1984. I personally think that he ended the story too easily, which left me a lot of Q in my mind.
He brings out the power of the Little people. He described they can do a lot of thing that can cause threats to Tengo and Aomame, BUT ~ WHERE are the dangers!!! ( After I found it was hard to keep me addicted to it, because it lacked of real climax ) But I still want to finish it, because I don't want to waste my effort~ since i have gone this far.
Air chrysalis. In part 3, about the air chrysalis that Tengo saw in his dad room in a Sanatorium, and the air chrysalis the little people were doing beside the body of Ushikawa. WHAT they became at the end?
The little one in Aomame's body! She is pregnant! But not much info after that.
The new novel written by Tengo. The way he described it, lead me to have a strong feeling that it's gonna be a important key for them to escape from 1Q84 in the ending! BUT! AGAIN~ NOTHING!
And also about Fuka Eri too. hmm... ....

Well, I know, It's a romance fiction, maybe Haruki wants leave more space for the reader to imagine.
After all, I'm not a professional novel reviewer. What i wrote is simply my opinion and my feeling after reading the book. 

Really enjoy reading books nowadays. Again, Thank you, my close friend in Australia, Ah kee gave me this positive influence!

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