Albstadt Junior Housewarming


First time to Albstadt, too bad no chance to see the thick snow. Well, actually I hate to see snow. And luckily not that cold. haha...

Special thanks to Honkit and Singyee, bring us have a short walk in the town. Well, 15 mins settle d. Seriously quite a small town. But has an advantage, Everything is so near to their hostel. Go out for dinner, restaurant is just behind only; go out travel, train station just opposite only. And buy daily stuff also quite near. Aalen! herhk... god damn it. other than FH, others are like thousand miles away! F~

Limteh w honkit and playing with his tokina super wide 11-16 lens! ;P

Honkit w his Gallery.

Aalener :)

Alots of food. And the organizers.
ops.. not to forget, The little deco prezzie from Aaleners.

wahhhh.... 开餐咯!

That's all for today. :)

small Jungle tracking

Thursday : 24.03.2011

From what we saw in Google earth, here supposed to be a small lake, 'our camping location' .
But after have a look,CANNOT la. so many mosquito on the surface of the water eh!
Maybe next week we will go explore the jungle again!

Quite nice actually. But now all trees still botak 1.
Summer I will come take some nice pica again.

That's why I always say, You can see shitsss in Aalen anytime you want see. ;P

SS~ing XD



Well... kind of disgusting rite? ;P

But the beer tastes good.

*** It's not for the original purpose. Never before.
But only for beer drinking. :)

I just went jungle tracking with Kenyik,Esmond and Adzwan.
Will update soon. :)