Coffee maschine

Got this machine yst from Kaufland. Promo item.

It costs me 79€. :(

But they give the voucher to get 320 kapsuls for free. Woth value 80€. :) Does it mean that I bought the maschine for -1€? lol

Dint have any big glass to do latte n mocha now. Aikz.

Will post pic of cheewei'starbucks coffee soon. Oh, and must learn the heart shape for cappuccino.<3 -special thx to Maxx for letting me know about this great promotion.-
Note: new widgets added in sidebar.

Meebo me live chat IM.

1) type the special nickname you like. (no registeration needed, the nick name is for me to know who you are)

2) type the message and press enter.

3) when you heard the sounds 'pop' like facebook chat old pop sound. that means I find you in the live chat sidebar. XD

4) this is really a great widgets, because it allows 2 ways communication, and its private.

so, welcome to my blog!!! :)
Exam mood is on!!!

First paper is on 31st of Jan!
Until 17th of Feb!

Ishk~~~ my CNY arghhhhh

2nd year didn't celebrate le~~~

EMO!!! Damn.

Plan of the year

Hmm... Wish to do something special for this year.

Backpack travel.

Sounds cool. and challenging. hmm... i guess so. :S

Step 1 :
Decide when and where.

Time - Definitely summer break. 2 months plus holiday. Enough time for me to travel slowly. :)

Where - It's so hard for me to make decision.

2 options

(i) if I don't want to go back Malaysia, Turkey is a good destination for me to travel around.
(ii) if I want to go back Malaysia, I would like to travel to Australia. (but it will be winter during that time, and I HATE TRAVEL DURING WINTER... arghhh... or HK n Macau perhaps)

So, back to Malaysia or not???


Back from UK x'mas trip. 24-30th Dec, London Bristol and Bath.
New year countdown in Mannheim.
Still in happy happy holiday mood.
Notes in the table - untouched.
Dramasss never end.
Day and Night terbalik again! swt~

Happy new year 2011 to everyone.
Take care.