I'm going to have German exam soon.
So I've to concentrate in my study.
Not now but after this weekend.
When Monday comes,
I must be very very hardworking.

Many thing happened during this weekend.
I bought myself a 500Gb hard disc
I bought myself a bluetooth mouse.
Spent alots again...
RM 500 fly away lor..

nice right?


Actually there is a bad thing happened too.
too complicated,
don't know how to explain.
So just let it pass ba!

Then WE,
Maxx,Wengsum,Penghong, SC,
Yik Ming, & Shao Yao
went Sunway ... ...

T.G.I Friday

Boneless wings

main course
Sizzling Cheese and Chicken

so full ...
i think enough for 2 person sharing...

What's next?

First time i watch 3D movie.
But not as good as I imagine
not as 3D as I expected.

Yik Ming told me,
Ice Age 3 3D
is very very great.
But... unfortunately
I missed it!
too bad


one more step closer to GERMANY

wow... seriously very happy now.
I got all A's for my A-Level examination
Chemistry, Maths, and Physics
Happy Happy Happy

I was really nervous.
Didn't sleep well last night too.
worried about somethings
keep asking myself
"I can get A for Physics or not?"
because i knew i did not do well
for all the 6 physics papers.
and yet, i wished to get all A's

High expectation to myself.
hope to have such a good personal achievement
many of my friends told me
"why u wanna care so much about the result?
you got all A's you can fly,
you got all B's,
you also can fly!
So why you make yourself so worried&unhappy?"
Of course I understand what they meant,
but i think we must have our own GOAL
to score
I bet, although they said like that,
they still have their own goal
the difference is
how many goal we want to score in a game
or just simply win the game!

waiting outside Pn Rita's office
to get to result
she was busying the whole day
since yesterday

proud of myself.
Hope my dad and mum too.

Going to buy me a present
500Gb hard disk.

Jia you... TEH CHEE WEI
DSH coming soon
work harder for the last two weeks
then everything will be ok.
can totally relax myself after that
jia you ba!


feel so sad sometimes.
Or recently

Sorry for myself
For eating so many unhealthy food.
For wasting so much time in Facebook-ing

Sorry for my parents
For spend so much money recently
For outing so often.
For not calling back home

Sorry for all citizens,government & lecturer
For wasting the money / allowance
For not concentrate in my studies.
For falling asleep always in class.

Sorry Sorry and Sorry
What should I do?

I must change
Tell myself always
that i must change
Change of mindset
Change of attitude
Change of everything bad to good one!