I really miss my summer break so much! nice people, nice foods, nice trips! I was too relax and now... balas come liao!!! 100 times busier than last sem!

This sem is really killing me! damm busy. because of the lab la - inorganic lab test! Still got 12 lab tests and 3 oral tests to go! hopefully can finish all within 5 weeks. I DUWAN RESIT FOR THIS IDIOT LAB NEXT SEM!!!

Well, actually im in library now searching for info one of the next lab test.
Here is it :

Hope it wont BOOM. My face dark enuf d. and I duwan wear fake hair also!!! :(

Whole day just ate a brezel. aikz... almost everyday le!!! sacrify the lunch time so that got enough time for the lab test! kek sim!!! im gonna bcum thinner n thinner!!!

It's so cold out there. And raining now! how to walk back!!!
First time I so wanted to talk but no time and no people talk to!
Stressku ni ~~~

-short update here-
-miss u guys-
-hope i still can survive la-
-with love-

Summer Break just started.

After 9days 8 nights Spain trip, I back to HOME on 5th!!! 16 hours in total (13 hrs flight and 3 hrs transit in Dubai). :-)

3 days later on, followed Gimwei's car to KL, and spent 10days there. Evyday KLCC, lowyat, and KLCC. Din't go to Broga hill that we planned before this. =.=|| But I did meet up with lots friends there. simon,zingyi,ah tan,shin ning, leongwei, cai hong. but most of the time, gim wei and I just stick together. sounds gay. simply because we din't have kt. lol

I said I want to go The One Gallery exhibition to see my good friend's hard work. 1 Gold and 1 Merit award for her graphic design. C'gratz to her. But I din't. Hope she din't get mad with me! sorry yea!

I did settle my sis's lappie stuff. Sent back to HP service centre and check for nothing. That's funny! huh~ Then my mum and sis keep asking me when to go back. They need the laptop. Aikz. Good son just hard to be. 19th followed Poi Aik's dad car back to Taiping. Too many stuff to update. Wait for 35 mins for Rapid KL. Hot like hell weather. Sweating non stop. Hand Carry is broken.

Weekend in KL.
Weekend the happiest.haha... Walk around the golden area in KL. KLCC, Pavilion, Lowyat, Sg. Wang and Midvalley. Saw an event in Sg.Wang - Laundry fashion show. Got a chance to test my new flash gun.

The only best shot. Others just like shit! It's all b'coz my 55-200 focusing is too slow and the models are moving all the time!!! :(
Another thing is - MY FLASH GET OVERHEAT TOO EASILY! I hate that !!! T.T

Dinner with friends Sunday, Midvalley

Enjoy delicious food in House of pencake. =)

Met Eiling and her boyfriend,Patrick the same day too. Too many things to talk and too little time. Her boyfriend was like kinda bored when we talked so he walked away and shopping alone. OMG, I'm just so sorry. It's just so hard to talk to someone new. Lack of social skill! haha. charm!

After the dinner, it was suppose to be accompany caihong to look for the flash for her fisheye 2 in The Garden. But end up. Gimwei and I bought 2 toy camera. =.=|| 35mm waterproof camera.Online seller called it a lomo cam as well, I have no idea. haha... Maybe it is and maybe not. And also 2 roll of film. negative cross-over effect and red effect.

Monday 16th.
Hang out with my best friend in 1u. watched "Salt" nice action movie by Angelina Jolie. An CIA agent and also a russian spy. Then jalan jalan to see the latest fashion - "flower design" LOL. Sakae Sushi dinner. Not that nice nia. See when got time bring me go eat Sushi zanmai la...

Wednesday 18th,

I drove uncle's car to summit pick gimwei. He said he is sick. Need to see doctor. Haha.. KCKC mc again! drive to Taipan see doc. then drive to Lowyat buy some stuffs. Spent lots $$$ that day! 1,5 TB 3.5' hard disk ( seagate freeagent ) Rm320, 120gb 2.5' IDE hard disk to repair my mum's laptop Rm 140. D90 battery grip Rm 240. cleaning kit Rm 15. wow! charm.

Thursday 19th,

Morning drive to pusat damansara collect my sis laptop and back to taiping lurrr~
Planned to visit my juniors in shah alam. But they got meeting with "Alles ich" Brian! haha.. not so free. And I also rushing to go back. Nvm la.. next time. :-)
C'grats to all of you yea score so excellent result in A-level.

lastly: special thanks to that lazy guy.always kckc take mc and accompany me. Scare I got bored in kl. fetch me all the time. thansk alot buddy gimwei. :-)

This is what that in my mind now : after spain trip

" posing under the hot sun for half an hour just to take a perfect photo (credit to our photographer who carried his Nikon D90 throughout the whole trip) ... What an awesome week in Spain!!! "

Well, I know u might read my blog - this post or others e.g. penghong will tell u what I wrote too. But this is my blog, I write what I feel. Don't categorize me with that big head yik ming.

Firstly, I don't know whether this is a joke or not.praising or pijak-ing. If it is a joke or praise, I'm so sorry for don't know how to enjoy ur joke.(but i dont thk thats a joke) Secondly,since when u posing under hot sun for half an hour? If yes, maximum 15mins. Plus, I never ask u to stand for the test shot. Penghong havent said a word, when is ur turn to kap siao! And then, I have to apologize for my noob skill that cant settle the perfect pic within 1 shot. and wasting all ur time. Thirdly, I never force u to take group photo with us. U can just sit under the tree. Let ur legs have enough rest. At least I know got 1 people wengsum like me, also wish to have a perfect pic. Fourthly, I want to take group pics whenever we reach a nice place for the sweet memories of the trip. Since u so be syok and ur be syok make me so be syok as well, I rather never take group pics or group pics without u than after take liao let u kap kap siao siao during the trip, and also fb! What is the point I make myself so miserable. 干嘛让自己酱委屈,看你的脸色做人? 你又不是我的谁~ That's why sumtimes I help wengsum take pics, he help me take. Feel better than take pics with those who kap siao-ing there. Lastly, I got shot a few pics of u, for now, I feel like deleting all of them from my memory card. But, i won't. Not sure u want or not also. But I wont gv u! B'coz they shot by my "D90".

Well, be syok is just this moment. I still looking forward for the next trip,with u! But I definitely wont thick my face ask to u join me for the group photos. Even u urself offer that,I feel I think I din't qualify to take pic with u.

-happy holiday-


Yesterday. I got the result of my 3 chemistry subjects' result. A little bit nervous before that. Because I feel scared that I'm gonna fail 1 or 2 subjects. But not really that nervous. Because one of my classmate talked to the Profesor. She asked the Prof. about my result and sent me a fb message. "Prof. said you result is quite well, you noneed worried too much,have a nice summer holiday". The quite well gave me a signal, that I passed all the subjects, but only with normal Noten. Not the outstanding 1. It's okie. I'll improve my German language one day,speak fluently like I'm a german. When the day come, I surely can get 1,0 for the all the subjects.

My Result :

Allgemeine Chemie ( General Chem ) - 3,3
Stöchiometrie ( Stochiometrie ) - 1,3
Laborkunde ( Lab. General Knowledge ) - 3,0

[1,0 Best ; 2,0 Good ; 3,0 Still ok ; 4,0 Passed ; below 4,0 = failed ]

But I'm quite happy for my result. Because I passed haha.... As my best buddy said, aim for passed,hope for better result. But seriously want to work harder for next semester. Because many seniors told me the subjects are getting harder and harder. Let me aim for 2,0 for next sem.

And this holiday is not 100% a holiday.Shit!!! Need to study. Because right after I come back, there are 2 tests. Must pass all this tests or else I couldn't do lab for the whole sem. So, GBM.
Hope I won't over enjoy this holiday until forget the tests.

I went pool party yesterday! wow, that's really fun. Met some classmates there.
What if I have my 21st birthday celebration like that too~ haha...
Too bad. Don't know what happened to me recently. I smell any alcohol drink will make me feel like vomiting. So I didn't drink anything.

vieewvittt :D

Happy holiday.

count down - 16 days


It's really fast, finally the exam finished. And now what! wait for the result,officially end of the first semester and HOLIDAY. Since long time ago, I have been planning for my holiday. I want to do this, I want to do that! Too many stuffs to do. Too little time. 2 months holiday doesn't seem to be enough for my plans. But anyway, hope all of them work out!

And now~~~ woohoo :D

Welcome to my new designed blog! haha... This is the first thing I planned for my holiday. And I almost 50% done. Just a preview. Still have a lots to edit. The pics I used including the background and the header are "CWEI PHOTOGRAPHY". ahaha :-)
Between, here are some little thought when I was designing this template. At first I feel there is huge contrast between the header and the background images. Big city vs relaxing nature. But, this is what I want. Human are always like that. You want to have good exam result, but you want to play and fb all the time, lazy study. You want to have lots money, but you want a easy job or maybe no need to work at all. (the" you" is me actually) haha
And now, I enjoy the beauty of nature. and yet, I want to have the entertainment in big city and also travelling. by the wat,thanks to my D90, I enjoy this photography hobby! =)

Still need to edit some small element to make it looks nicer. After that! what is next? haha... my another blog! have been collecting photos since long time ago. Normally after a trip, I only uploaded a few photos in facebook photo album. 1 of the reasons simply because the image quality is really bad! I hate it so much! color faded, noise, pixelated. So, I prefer my own website.But to have my own domain, I'll have to pay for that.And I want a free. blogger is definitely the best choice. Tried wordpress.Kinda lag. DISLIKE*** will do the photoblog as fast as possible.

Then : ... ... lotsa~ uncountable thingy!

No matter what, I'm going to try my best to complete all of them during this summer holiday.



again again and again.
study study and study.

really have no confident to pass this subj.
so scared! huhuhu T__T

-It's gonna end soon-

03072010 WC

03 July 2010 - 4.00pm
Green Point Stadium, Cape Town
Germany vs Argentina
4 : 0

that's was amazing!

Let's celebrate together ~

Sportfreunde Stiller - 54,74,90,2010

Eins und zwei und drei und 54,74,90,2010
ja so stimmen wir alle ein.
Mit dem Herz in der Hand und der Leidenschaft im Bein
werden wir Weltmeister sein.

Wir haben nicht die höchste Spielkultur,
sind nicht gerade filigran,
doch wir haben Träume und Visionen
und in der Hinterhand 'nen Masterplan.

Für unseren langen Weg aus der Krise
und aus der Depression
lautet die Devise
Nichts wie rauf auf den Fußballthron.

Eins und zwei und drei und 54,74,90,2010
ja so stimmen wir alle ein.
Mit dem Herz in der Hand und der Leidenschaft im Bein
werden wir Weltmeister sein.

Die ganze Welt greift nach dem goldenen Pokal
Am Cup der guten Hoffnung probieren wir's nochmal
Wir als Gast in Südafrika
Wird unser Traum dann endlich war?

Eins und zwei und drei und 54,74,90,2010
ja so stimmen wir alle ein.
Mit dem Herz in der Hand und der Leidenschaft im Bein
werden wir Weltmeister sein.

Beim ersten Mal war's ein Wunder,
beim zweiten Mal da war's Glück,
beim dritten Mal der verdiente Lohn
Und das nächste Mal wird's ne Sensation

Eins und zwei und drei und 54, 74, 90, 2010
ja so stimmen wir alle ein.
Mit dem Herz in der Hand und der Leidenschaft im Bein
werden wir Weltmeister sein.

54, 74, 90, 2010
ja so stimmen wir alle ein.
Mit dem Herz in der Hand und der Leidenschaft im Bein
werden wir Weltmeister sein.

-Deutschland wird Weltmeister sein-

03072010 BD

heyhey ~

wish u happy birthday again! :-)
just simple photo, simple wishes.
(couldn't find any other nicer de photo d)haha

十扑 - 喆麻妮

Hoo ~ 今天很重要! 因为 我又有小考. 没有啦.其实也不是很重要,没算分的.只是当普通练习题做罢了. 可是也可以预料到 - 应该有一半以上不会做, 必死无疑. 唯有 撑着咯. 这扫兴的话题就暂时搁一旁去.

我说真的,今天真的很重要.因为喆麻妮吃饭还是吃粥全靠这场了. 虽然目前德国排D组第二.但澳洲的实力说真的,麻麻得罢了.Serbia 很大可能赢球,最起码也应该和球吧. 酱的话,Serbia就有 6 分了或4 分. 如果德国再输球,就要像法国那样收拾行李了. Serbia 和球,德国和球就行了,Serbia 赢球,德国一定要赢球. 所以啊,都是赢球比较稳阵.


啦啦队-队长!!! Linda Chung
(leng hor? yeng hor?)




槟城第一大桥,在1985年开始让人民使用。原本收费合约将在2018年结束。但获得政府批准延长到2021年。 总共是 ( 2021-1985) 36年。


每天大约有 70 000 辆车。(应该是近年的statistic,以前应该没那么多车。可是未来的11年车辆一定会更多)所以我就那可平均 大概60,000 辆车 Reference

收费有多有少,不一定,摩托车最便宜,轿车好算可以,巴士和重型车比较贵。以前比较便宜,现在比较贵,以后会更贵。Reference 平均 rm5.

这个Megaconstruction耗消 RM800millions. (excluding the cost of land acquisition). Reference
请允许我做个大胆的假设。RM 400 millions 给 land acquisition + 酱久以来的保养费。
Total = RM 1,2 billion.


RM 1,200,000,000
36 年 x 365 天 x 60,000 辆车

= Rm 1,50

( 原本应该的收费


(平均数额 - 原本收费)RM 5 - RM1.50 = RM 3,50

TOTAL : RM 3.50 x 60,000 cars x 365 days x 36 years

= RM 2, 759, 400,000

= RM 2, 5 billion!!!

为何收费会越来越高?而且还延长合约! 却一直说不够不够!
原因 ~ 那死鬼公司给钱政治人物,有钱大家一起赚!




Stu-D , Stu-D , Stu-D !!!

Stu-P , Stu-P , Stu-P !!!

D and P actually they are really look alike.

therefore :


Why am I so stupid! 15 days left !
Study for so many times,but still forget.
If, I were a genius ;
noneed to study, yet can score good result!
How great that would be!

-finish day dreaming-
-gotta back to study-


Use lomo effect to intro this gadget :
Cheap old film camera. Agfa - product of Germany. (I think he almost 40 year old d)
Still don't know how the pic he take look like,simply b'coz the film here is really expensive. and "wash photo" manually is super duper expensive.
Guess how much he costs me! muahahaha xD

well, at first I planned to buy him for collection.
so, if the pics really look shit. he will be the 1st member in my museum!

Holga lomo effect - window in my room

nice huh? capture using my another toy camera! ♥

short update

Got myself a cheap gadget last Friday, until now still haven't got a chance to introduce him.
Well, i'll intro him one day! and really can't tahan anymore. So, just ordered another gadget. Seller will ship the item to me by tomorrow. Need around 7-14 working days to reach Germany from hong kong! yea ~~~ welcome you to GERMANY! :-)


一个字 - 累 ~
很多东西都必须从头读多‘几’次!因为,一次不够,真的不够!因为 :



Tower Party !!!

I'm drunk now. I guess! b'coz there is 1 guy, keep asking me to take shots of vodka. well,I really hate that taste and smell .But, for friendship, i took those shots. around 20 shots within half an hour. Oh no ~~~ headache now. should go to bed. and tomorrow morning still have class.(fuck the shit replacement class) or else i'm free tomorrow. can sleep until 12pm or 1 or 2! got to back room and sleep so that tomorrow wont fall asleep in calss. spoil the mood! aikz~~~ :'(


今天的天气和昨天一样那么的好!19 / 20° C ,凉凉的,又有太阳的温暖!
因为 ~ 在这种天气,你酱发现,你的四周围都是性感美少女!
我的 55-200 也因这,可以派上用场!


走街 = 走show!
( 很有气质,我喜欢) xD

至于那些躺/坐在草地,晒太阳 + picnic 的呢,比较casual,也不错!

好想出去玩 ~~~


self - encouragement

Well, exam is coming soon. Less than 1 month. But I have a new lab to start next week. From 11am until 5pm daily! Hell ~ it's gonna kill me! After the lab, I still have to write the report! OMG~ I bet I will have not enough time to study and prepare for the exam!
But : Nothing is impossible !
I wanna change my thought! I have to keep telling myself - I CAN DO IT, and JUST DO IT!

to have this spirit ~ I will award myself the following things.

Able to finish all chapters of AC, ----> nikon FM

wanna own this for fun, looks like antique,
and perhaps the value might increase.
then i can resell it for good price.xD

Able to finish all chapters of Laborkunde -----> fujifilm mini 7s with holga fish eye lense

read a blog b4 - the writer call this "a present maker" instantly
gonna need this for buddy bday soon. and saw from ju's photos,they are awesome
match the fish eye lense! that would be - PERFECT!

Able to answer the exam Qs ------> sigma 24-70 f2.8 and Nikon SB - 900

(replace my 18-105mm kit lense) ekeke

Good result for this sem ------> new Desktop PC + 23" LCD TV

Muahahahaha ~~~ work harder CHEE WEI TEH !!!
jiayou ~

Introduce -

他 ~
他 ~
变得 ---

Mohd. Sum bin Leong


*note : 朋友啊,大家是男人,肉麻也得讲。住在一起酱久,当然偶尔会有些摩擦,但重要是可以互相包容。很庆幸我们可以,才有如今的友情!真的很怀念以前一起傻笑的日子!

Paris - Disneyland

Woohoo ~ went to Disneyland today! It's was so fun !!!

All my childhood memories came back already! Still remember I watched the story using tape.Oh Gosh! Jungle book ~ Snow white ~ Cinderella ~ Beauty and the Beast ~ Mickey & Minnie and Donald Duck (My fovourite) ~ :-)
walau! 20 years old already,now only 1st time enter Disneyland. Age and sex are really big problems for us. ( 4 big guys ) to take pictures with those charecters. Shit!!!

Well, we did have fun today! Love this trip!
I LOVE Paris.


其实还有还几个旅游观光地点,没在里边。因为太多点google maps lag 掉!没用的家伙!



Berlin : continue ~

6am meet in FH's car park and then ... ... Goooo ----->>> Berlin!!! yeah!
OMG, 8 hours journey by bus from Aalen to Berlin really can kill! and the seat is so small for me. not enough for my long legs! Pity... ... But I still sleep like a pig... zzz...ZZZ! because I din't sleep the night before,reason : I scared I will oversleep. If I overslept, that meant I wasted the the money I paid! hehe ... Of couse I wont let this kind of situation happend! ngiak ngiak ~

2.15pm reached hostel in Berlin. After settled the luggage, went to eat Donner in the nearby shop. They told me Donner in Berlin are different from what we eat normally.But I din't feel there is any different at all. Hmm.. is it my problem?

Then, we had a tour to walk around the whole Berlin city by bus. It was about 3 hours. But I really dont like this kind of tour. I did passed by lots of places. And the Guide told us the history/purpose of every single place we had passed by. But I want to say, It's useless. Because I never walk the place myself, never take some photos. I wont be able to remember anything. So, I feel quite bored! and fell asleep.

8pm visited the Inselmuseum - [Museum Island] . There are around 5 museums. Neues Meseum (new museum), altes Museum (old mesum), and Pergamon Museum. The other two,I have no idea! haha... Among those museums, I only had chance to visit one of them - that was Pergamon Museum. It is something about buildings and statues during the babylon time, but not really sure about that! spent 2 hours there.


Inside Pergamon Museum
(is that Babylon building? maybe)
(shot with tripod - ALONE T.T)

Lots statues in that museum.
e.g. This 1 - I called it 無頭東宮! xD
hahaha... :-)

Alex??? haha

After that, I went to shoot some night scene photos - View of Museum Island and Berliner Dom (Berlin Cathedral ). Haven't organise and edit the photos yet! stay tuned.

-to be continue-

今天又是睡不醒。我说啊,常常说我睡不醒,然后翘课,我不觉得烦,你们听到都觉得烦啦!对不起啦!其实我不是没有起身咯,第一次起身看看时钟,还有时间,就想睡多一会儿。第二次起身又看看时钟,反正都睡过头了,干脆继续睡吧!假如第一次起身,看了还有时间,就准备一下。或是第二次起身,想想虽然迟到,但至少有到嘛。那样的话 --- 该有多好!
其实这个缺点真的很不好。不单单在学业上。即使到了现在我都不会忘记我曾经那么的伤害了她!那一句话,在半睡半醒的状态说出的,虽然我完全没印象,却在她碎了的心留下烙印。之后她告诉我,而我,除了对不起也不懂还能说什么! 突然想起那件事,还想说真的很对不起。

Trip to BERLIN

well, just reached my home about one hour ago. I am really tired now.
But,I still wanna blog about my feeling first before I go to zZzZ. Berlin isn't that big actually. However, this 4days 3 night trip only able to visit only a small part of berlin. Because berlin simply has too many history! Hmm... capital of kingdom of Prussia. Thirty Years of war with French, and then world war 1, Hitler and Nazi, then world war 2, cold war and berlin wall. It was really cool to Berlin!

Berlin wall 1961 - 1989
[ one country, one wall, two different worlds ]

I was quite enjoy during this trip. Because I was free to take any pictures I want. No need to care about wasting other people's time,no need to worry about keep friends waiting for me. But somehow, it's really lonely. Nobody talk to me (hmm, i did talk to some people - photographer from other places because same photography hobby,nothing else)
So, Freedom or Friends ? Either one of them! too sad. I think, I'm going to buy myself a patrick or little bear! one of you will be my partner to travel around, and my model to photoshoot, okie?

-to be continue-

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(是我挑食,而且吃饭时间又不定) xD
打了个电话 ~
说那几句有点难说出口的话! *shyshy*
Ma, 对不起!
Ma, 母亲节快乐!

change a new header! :-)
haha ...
make me miss taiping suddenly! =(
"see" caihong and huixing they all finish exam so happy now,
sze-ie also flying back soon! aikz ...
WHY my exam still havent coming?
(ops...can't exam lagi!!! I havent start study yet!) xD
should get myself ready for exam!
but i already can imagine what my result will be!
mostly fail dao 7788!
b'coz that day de test ... ... really make me *sick* !
haihzzZzZzZ ... ...
haikzzZzZzZ ... ...

-sometimes I really wanna give up-
-but when I think of the money I owe JPA-
-I know I got no way-
-so just keep walking and holding on-


但是,也让我想起,曾经看过一集的霎時感動,也是我在甲乙宗教-世界第三大战,提起的内容;凡是在对方立场设想。事情就会看得比较透彻,比较清楚。而我比较喜欢站在第三者的立场,因为:如果站在自己的立场(第一者),对方(第二者)会觉得不公平。如果我站在对方的立场,其他站在第一者立场的人就会认为我吃错药了啊,他们酱对我们,你竟然帮他们说话。手指咬出唔咬进! 所以我选者第三者,中立的立场!:-)

里头写了有关南非的情形,也形容了大马如何与南非有所相似。这也是第一者的立场。没错,他们对我们很不公平. [ 大家心知肚明,我也懒得说了]. 但是并不完全像南非一样的. 因为,在南非被欺压的黑人是土族哦,*重要! 我们可是非土族. 而且, 黑人的人数多过白人,我们呢?当然少过他们咯.

甲乙的沟通 ~ :

甲 : “他们有所谓的土族特权,容易进大学/拿奖学金,我们读到半生死,才有一些能进到/拿到! 然后经济蛋糕 30 - 70 之分! 为什么不是 50-50? 不公平! 等等 (太多,写不完)”
乙: “ 你们吵什么吵? 我不给你都是酱啦!给你30你也吵,不给,你也是吵。我倒不如不给更好!”
甲 : “ 好啊!你敢不给。打咯!”



甲1想 - 其实30% 对我们非土族来说很好了。至少我们没像那些黑人一样,被欺压到没书读,没有饱饭吃,不能上白人的高级餐厅。。。。等等!凡事知足点,人生会快乐点。
甲2想 - 虽然只有30%的机会,这恰好给了我们非土族与非土著族之间很大的竞争,让我们成长,进步
乙 1想 - 虽然我们是土著,但现在已经是21世纪了,凡事都说人人平等。30-70 也许真的有点过分。
乙2 想 - 有了固定的70%,没有竞争,反而让我们更加不能独立,凡事靠政府! 以后国家如何跟别的国家竞争啊!

退一步海阔天空!(***note: 但,我退了步,你也不要得寸进尺,20-80,10-90,0-100!或 40-60,50-50!难保那一天我会发火 - 老虎唔发火,你当我是病猫! )


记得飞来德国前,去了一个camp - BTN "Biro TataNegara". 灌输了一个错误的概念给学生。支持反对党是不对的。因为这等于反政府,同时也等于不爱国!我的妈!是谁说政府=国家的?正因为我爱国,希望国家不要继续腐败下去,才支持反对党的。批评是为了有所改善。假如有一天我不理的话,那就说我对马来西亚的爱灭了。把我的爱捐给懂得珍惜的-新加坡或很大机会我将留在德国,过我的生活!:-)

再说啊,写文章是为了改变读者的想法。往好的方面。不是往坏的。本人觉得那南非的文章写得再怎么好,已经没了那个意义!甲读者(我们)会有更强烈的种族意识。觉得很不公平想争取更多。乙读者 (他们)也会很生气,说甲不懂得感恩。(就像我举的例子)。最后-两败俱伤!何必呢?






刚刚看见一个马来同胞在面子书post了一个link,是希望穆斯林们加入,让 fb admin delete allah 是一只猪的group。深感兴趣,就在里头的wall 留言 看了一看。又在allah是一头猪的wall 看了一看!

其实,本人觉得还蛮悲哀的。我是可怜未来的小孩,出生在战争时代。还记得,复活节时去的Dachau Concentration Camp, 真的太有feel! 是伤心,悲哀,痛心,可怜 的 feel! ( 很庆幸,有机会去这个地方,给了我很大的启发) 虽然那里死的大部分是大人。毕竟还是人命啊,而且他们是无辜的!有关详情点击这 以后世界第三大战,一定是因为宗教开始吧。看现在的情形就能想象到以后的战争。(基督教和回教?哈哈)


乙可以心想: 站在第三者的立场,现今社会是有言论自由的。他想说什么就让他说好了,我也管不了那么多。只要我深信祂有无比的力量带领我的人生。 『问题决绝』

甲心想: 虽然我觉得,我真的觉得allah是一头猪,但有必要说出来吗?更有必要大庭广众批评吗?现今社会是有宗教自由。他想信奉什么就他的事啊,干我屁啊!我不会善于利用那些时间,让我的人生更美好,不是更有意义吗?
乙 :礼尚往来,好来好去。:-)

其实有必要像现在酱子吗? 大家和睦共处不是很好吗?这样极端干什么?

我想说说我自己的宗教看法。其实我也不懂我是道教的,还是佛教徒?还是基督教?还是自由的。以前外婆的老家拜观音,现在家里拜大伯公,有时去佛教会念经,有时会去基督教聚会玩玩和祷告。如果你是佛教不要鄙视我,如果你是基督教也不要鄙视我。因为我深信,宗教是为了引导人们做好事,品德高尚。(其实也是佛教的宗旨)以前考spm时常去德教会读书,很令我印象深刻的是一个牌匾,写着 “五教同宗” 。 而同宗并不是说他们同一个祖宗,而是有同一个宗旨,也就是刚刚我说的!

最近,从一个某人身上学到一个东西,结局不重要,过程才是最重要的。说;很容易。我也不确定我是否一百巴仙学到。希望是啦。这又跟宗教有什么关系呢? 有些宗教会说,你一定要相信我,跟随我,酱死后我必能带你到天堂,否则你将受尽折磨。我不能说没有天堂和地狱的。毕竟我没去过。但我相信有。试想想,分析一下,为什么那些宗教会酱说。 其实主要目的是希望人们跟着宗教的引导做一个好人『所谓的过程』。但又害怕没有人会愿意酱做,就有了后半句,带你去天堂,否则地狱/受苦『所谓的结局』。让我想起我妈妈以前说过的话:“夜了,不要出去,饿的话随便煮maggie面就好了。我明天买kfc给你吃,酱夜出去会撞鬼的,abo就被抢劫。kfc 和 撞鬼 固然重要。但让妈妈放心才是最重要的!不要太在意kfc, 但bob可以!啊哈哈 see~~~ 明白我说的过程和结局了吧?而且,全部信奉宗教A的就一定去天堂吗?就算你杀人放火?然后全部信奉宗教B的就去地狱吗?无聊

最后:我觉得 ~
甲 - 的宗教没做好他的本份,没引导甲有好的品德,不尊重别人。而甲本身也丢尽他宗教的脸,因为有他(们)酱没品德的信徒。
乙 - 不够相信他(们)自己的宗教。假如他真的100% 相信,当有人(甲)批评时,他不会生气,只会悲哀,因为甲表面上是在侮辱乙的宗教,间接性侮辱侮辱自己的宗教。而乙生气的话是因为他觉得甲说了一些他不敢面对的事实,然而不许别人继续说!




Took a few shot of fireworks on 1st of May.
Perhaps is the celebration for labour day huh? haha
I don't know. just a stupid guess!haha

shot about 100 plus photos using continuous mood.
but just a few pics are nice. others just like shit!
the smoke of fireworks spoil so many pics. feel sad.
share those nice with u all. :-)

like big bang ??? haha

I love this 1.although there is smoke around.DISTRACTION!
aikz. but it's nice ~

It's hard to shot nice fireworks in the sky,really hard man! lots skil need to learn. =(

photo 7

Sunset in Aalen.

View from the top floor,13th of my hostel.
The spotlights are for Aalener Stadium.

May is a great month! enjoy! :-)


要不然就迟到! (迟到好过没到嘛,大姨教的)

其实昨天上课时,我干了一件大事! xD
昨天,老师教PSE - periodic table 就讲述了每个group的特质.
直接进重点 :

Br2就装在volumetric flask 里.封死了!
意图用我37度的体温加热Br2.让全部Br2 液体变成气体!
没一下,"pop" 一声! 我都还来不及看是什么事,很快就嗅到那臭的味道
我干的好事! ~.~||
全部人眼睁睁的看着我!搞到我真不好意思! hehee~~~ *SHY*



“... ... 爱拼才能赢”


photo 6



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leave me some comment. about the website and my new photos as well.
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My website

I have been restless recently. Because I was trying to modify my blogspot's html template code to looks like a website. Well, after a long shot,i decided to give up. That stuff really made me - computer idiot (kind of; compare to those studying comp. eng) headache. My latest update friends' link just disappear for a few times. Disappeared and added and disappeared and added again. The reason I need to modify it because I want to creat a photoblog/photogallery. and add the link thru my blog. Yes, I know. I can simply just add a flickr gadget which will share my flickr photostream on my blog to my friends. But I feel like it's too meesy,too many add-on in my blog. So ...

Still working on it! Simple layout,simple background.

But it's cool. B'coz it has my blog - link to this old template blogspot. xD
and the phototgallery for my photo sharing and u can choose full screen slide show for the photos. Okie, I know my photos not that nice, still improving :-)
and forum to craps together. I love that! But most probably it will become an inactive forum! haha.


想当年 - 看最美丽的第七天。


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一段成熟 恋情必须经历的四阶段


Happy Easter Holiday II ~

4 April 2010 : Day 3

Well,as usual... early in the morning AGAIN,7am took our breakfast and then rush to train station (RUNNING) but at the end, we missed the train (7.42am)! aikz..

wait for next train then (8.06am),but we need extra 35 mins to reach Salzburg. =.=|||

reached around 11am. without any preparation. And we never panic huh! good cooperation. Some go find maps and maxx,kenyik and I go internet cafe to browse wikitravel. search famous locations which worth to visit! haha cool yea!we get to buy one-day-Salzburg-ticket. By paying 20 euro forthe ticket, we can visit Mozart Geburtshaus (birthplace), Mozart Wohnhaus (live place) take bus, and cable car for free. *much more cheaper*

(is like a place for the soldier to take a clear view of the whole city,
protect the citizen from others' attack)

Muzium - world war 1 and 2

cable car to Unterberg
Well, here! I need to say something.
haha... I know,it's not good to say something behind one.
especially the one,who will read my blog.
ok~ change my mind. duwan write it out liao.
jz make a note here,hopefully i still can recall back n years later.

( note : not winter yea,but too cold on top of the hill 1776m )
[forget bring winter jacket,sometimes,especially during night time feel freaking cold]


7.20pm go back to München. 9 sumthg reach and heading Allianz arena for nthg!
b'coz light off after 9! =.=|||


5 April 2010 : Day 4

the only relaxing day~ !!! have a walk in the Munich city.

BMW Muzium

Allianz Arena

Rathaus (not rumah tikus,but government office building)


6 April 2010 : Day 5

Check out and went to Dachau. A concentration camp memorial site. About Hilter,world war 2 and how the Jewish were killed. I don't know how to describe my feeling. but I really wanna said that those german were assholeS! This camp let me know hundreds,or thousand times more. Worth to visit!

End of the trip. Happy ending and say goodbye to all my friends in the train station! :-)
Back to Aalen at 4pm!

Happy Easter Holiday ~

2 April 2010 Friday : Day 1

Overslept today until 1.10pm! but Wengsum, Alice, and Peng Hong will be ariving at 1.25pm!!!
I still haven't packing yet.

Well, as usual. I'm late again. okey okey~ I'm sorry! Kenyik help me to bring them to lunch, and I catch up to them later on. After lunch, spent around 30mins walking around in this small town - Aalen. And of cause take some photo.

Then we heading to Ulm, b'coz others r waiting for us there.

Birth place of Einstein.
Poor Einstein (kena ppl conteng until like this)
[ extra info : Einstein in german means seketul batu]
[ ein = 1 ; stein = stone ]

Church in Ulm. ( tallest church in the world )

Yongjian and Raymond bring us to dinner in a thai restaurant.
Met a few Malaysian who work in the restaurant,
and speak cantonise,malay and chinse to them. :-)


3 April 2010 : Day 2

early in the morning, 9 something,start our journey to München. Around 11.30am reached. After left our stuffs in AOhostel, straight away go to Füssen, Neuschwanstein castle.

2 girls we met in Füssen during the trip - Jamie n Sherry.

Back to München at 1030pm. Super Hungry. Have our dinner in Hofbräuhaus.

Photo with a spanish guy sit on the table beside me.
I introduce myself in Spanish man! coool ~ haha
but forgotten his name adi. LöLx

End of the day.Back to hostel and rest! tired @@


-to be continue-