A waterproof digital camera

Not sure want to buy Fujifilm Z33WP or Olympus tough series.Anyway, both aren't cheap. That's why until now, I still haven't got 1. I want to have a waterproof camera like this because, I like beaches and sea.And I will travel to island, beach most of the time. Or go swimming that time,I definitely won't bring my DSLR along.

Rolleicord twin lenses old camera.

I want to buy this since long time ago. But it's damm expensive. Until now still counldn't afford it. I feel this camera really have its value to keep. Such a nice camera. :-)

Polaroid SX 70

This 1 really cool. Trust me! A legend. Of course, expensive as well. My concept is to collect cheap and old cameras. They aren't cheap. That's why I can afford to have they. So, keep staying in my wishlist larr :'(

No DSLR lens in wishlist now. Stick back to my kit lens.