Something i learnt fr movie.

Just to share something meaningful with you or maybe I hope this  post could actually be a little note for myself, so that it can remind me when i forget it some times later.


Are you a smart or a stupid one?

A smart person, normally will think a few steps further than a stupid one before certain incidents happened. So, he is good in planning strategies, and can be a very successful businessman for example. But every step he take, has a motive in behind. Other than that, he will use this mindset as well for the people around him. For example, his relatives visit him (well, maybe with or without motive), but he definitely will think they visit him with a motive like borrow money or other sort of help. and to avoid others have the chance of taking advantages of him. he might treats the guests with unpleasant attitude. do you think the people around a smart person are happy? And what about himself?

So, if Gods would give u a smart brain, but you will never be happy. Will you say YES?or NO?

I guess you cant choose to be smart or stupid. But you can choose to live happily by treat people around you with pure heart and appreciate them of course.


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