Sudden decision i have did ~
go back to taiping later, 430pm bus!

ponteng german class lor...
reason : result for the test yesterday too bad adi.
*mou gan tai*
e.g. Grammar scored 50% only.

but actually i think i should get 100% de.
B'coz i just answered some the questions,
that i know how to do only,
and i got them all correct.

About headache i had that day,
just received an email,
about it and breathe methode,
a breathe therapy.

Share with you guys,
but i'm not sure whether it works or not.
here is the summary:

we all have left and right nostrills for breathing.
  1. left nostrill (usually women use)
  • represents moon
  • for rest (cure headache)
  • get ur body cold
  • calm down urselves

2. right nostrill (usually men use)
  • represents sun
  • for stay awake
  • get ur body hot
  • get angry easily
try this and let's see whether correct or not.
leave me a comment then!

i havent call my mom yet.
she will definately get shock
when i ask her to fetch me in Kamunting Bus Station.
Haha... Can't imagine her reaction
Maybe she will be very very happy,
because someone she miss so much,
has come back already.
Maybe she will be very angry too,
because she need to cook for me!

Study leave supposingly!!!
remind me of my time,
when i studied for SPM
in library...
Gonna do that again...

Hopefully can concentrate studying there.
and the of course get good result!

(most important) :X

after packing and blogging..
still have so much time!
take a rest lor...

my sweet sweet home...
and bed
and food,
i'm coming....

COUNTDOWN : 12 days




I am going to sit for German exam tomorrow.
Ich muss deutche Prüfung beim Morgen sitzen.

I got headache, because the German grammar is really difficult .
Ich habe Kopfschmerzen, weil die deutche Grammatik sehr schwierig ist.
or / oder
Aufgrund der Schwierigkeit der deutsche Grammatik habe ich Kopfschmerzen.

I still continue study it, even though i have headache.
Ich lerne es weiter,obwohl ich Kopfschmerzen habe.
Ich lerne es weiter trotz den Kopfschmerzen.
Ich habe Kopfschmerzen.Troztdem lerne ich es weiter.

The above are actually some transformations that roughly similar to the type of Qs i need to do for tomorrow german test. Just some practices, warm up myself! haha... Anyway, the points are real for me. I'm really having headache now. Especially for listening and writing. Damned! i just scored 65 % for listening during the mid-sem test.

Please help!!!
Yeah... almost forget that there is someone that will help me actually... Jing Hong. (wakaka)
Let me copy her draft of the answer script. But this time I dare not to do that anymore already. if get caught, then say byebye to scholarship. (Discipline problem)
Thanks for the help yea. = )

Give up already la...Aihz. My German so weak! work harder next time lor. Last minute can't study anything also!
Better prepare for A-level,that just around the corner.

Countdown: 13days left

Always on my mind, a big family

Today is the last day for the academic lesson of fourth semester, but also the last day for 2 years of A-Level pre-U course.Soon, I'm gonna to have my exam, 17 days left. Let's forget about the exam, and celebrate for everything within this 2 years. ( e.g. noise, naughtiness, laziness, joy and laughing...)

Breakfast treated by Pn. Tini and Mic Allan

celebrate at Fleming Steamboat Buffet

All of us, a big family

Jom, get the food...and start the war!!!

Plenty of Food and seafood and my favorite,scallop.

Chocolate fountain & my ice-cream .... yummie

* extra-info

b'coz of ice-cream, they become a couple. Yeah ...
Jing Xiong do that for Sing Yee, sweet right?
(notty Jing Xiong,hehe)

so expensive!

Aihz...because Peng Hong a.k.a LeeHom lor. Eat so much. counted as 3 person!!! wuakaka

Even though 2 years might be not that long for some of you, it is for me.
Somehow, i feel it is quite short too.. just like i close my eyes for a moment, 1 nanosecond maybe, and then 2 years passed. So many things happened, and all of them are so awesome! Sleep in class, make noise and talk nonsen, bully girls (not me,haha) complain teacher "SHE" and many ... I really gonna miss miss and miss this. *(tired life of endless class lesson, until 6pm daily, Monday till Thursday)*

Good luck, and all the best in A-Level, buddies!

And to all lecturers, thank you very much!


天苍苍野茫茫, 风吹草低见牛羊

养兵千日, 用军一时






Herr Brian's Birthday 0421

21st of April ~ Birthday of my German lecturer. He is really a great lecturer. Even after the A-LEVEL we will still have German class for DSH exam (German College and University entrance exam), but different lecturer is going to teach us. Since this is the last semester he teaches us, we decided to give him a suprise + sweet memories about us ALG 11B.

Peng Hong is the one who full with idea of naughtiness. HAHA ...
When MR. Brian come to our class room as usual, there is no one in the class room.
"Well, where are the students all go?"

Actually, PengHong already write " Wir sind in Klasse ALG 11A." (we are in class 11A)

By follows the clue, he still can't find us. Because "Wir sind in Lecture Hall" (we are in Lecture hall). Hopefully he do not get mad. haha

He open the door, and enter the hall.. Like no one inside... no light and no sound at all. This is the important 1, our class will never be silent and quiet! He make a conclusion most probably, that we are not there as well.


Brian Trenaman, Happy 37th Birthday!
A happy look

Suddenly a birthday song sang... by us of course. And all of us come out from nowhere.

After birthday celebrating ceremony,( eat cake ) , class as usual..Then, he decide to give us earlier break... ( 1 hour earlier). That's really great. LONG LIVE MR BRIAN. I always feel sleepy during class session... bad habit that still haven't change since Form 4 - sit beside long koh. Maybe it's an incurable disease from him. Aihz...

After a day of playing, having fun... I study nothing. So tired and no mood to study at all...
So, going to sleep soon. Later 3 am. only wake up... not sure whether i can or not. Haha...

COUNTDOWN : 18 days left

Suddenly ~

Suddenly i just realized that keep on updating my blog is quite important.
My problem is I'm always lazy to update it. Last year i wrote only 4 posts. Haha ... A LAZY PIG!

You know what, when you are 40~50 year old, I can guarantee that mostly non of you can totally remember every thing in your lives, of course including me too.
Sometimes I always think about some nonsense stuffs.
e.g. what if one day 1 I have an accident, and I lost all my memories... What should I do? My life will be meaningless without the memories of the past. Stories from family, friends and diary will help a lots. Then followed by the blog.

Every single and even tiny thing you have wrote in your blog, will let you yourselves and your friends know you much better. This is the advantage of blogging.HAHA...
(sounds like encouraging people,but I'm self-encouraging actually)

Start blogging today... like me.
Let it spice up your lives.



喜欢他 可能因为你为你做的一切一切

爱他 却不会计较为他做的一切一切

喜欢他 可能因为他的性格很不错

爱他 却连他那坏得离谱的性格也很喜欢

喜欢他 你会劝他不要淋雨

爱他 你却愿意陪他一起被雨淋

喜欢他 可能只因为他的好

爱他 却不会在乎他对你的伤害有多深




Sushi King Bonanza $ 2。知道吧?

约了几个好友便到SunwayPiramid的寿司王去了。。。哈哈 好开心哦

很多人吧? 我们等了接近一小时呢!


First round of 34, second round of 21 plates

Live to EAT...yummie


(待续,下半年度的Bonanza RM2)