I'm a camera lover. Here are all my camera stuffs.
I like to try new thing and also collect old [but cheap*] camera.
They are all my babies.And they are awesome.

Cameras ~

Digital - SLR : Nikon D90

Sometimes, I called him big blackie. He paars with kit lens 18-105mm f3.5-5.6 G ED VR. 
(pretected by Hoya HMC UV filter)

After a few months I get used to this camera, I got myself  a cheapest portrait lense.
Nikon AF 50mm f1.8 D

This lens is really cheap. Below RM 400 I assure you can get it already.
But I was stunned by the effect of this lens. Images are sharp even at aperture f1.8. and the bokeh effect gives really nice feel. Love it so much. Anyway, this lense isn't so convinient.This is because it is a prime lense.
Zooming is not possible for this lens. Therefore, you might missed out some nice shot. Lastly, 50mm is not wide enough. I need to keep a distance from the person (or object) I want to photoshot. That's why I'm interested to give a try on sigma 30mm f1.4. haha

Last two month, I realise that 105mm is not enough for me to reach far objects.
And I bought Nikon 55-200mm f4.0-5.6G ED VR for RM 900

I'm not that satisfied with this lens. I can feel, the focusing is slow, images not sharp,color of the images are like faded. Original Nikkor lens with this price, well, I couldn't expect more. I do have a little bit of regret. Because I can get Tamron or Sigma 70-300 at almost the same price. (but I never test on them, maybe they have the same problem as well).

Flashgun SB 900

Nice one. Not much comment on it, still exploring.

Analog - SLR : Nikon FM 2

This is one of the legend Nikon SLR.Production from year 1982 - 2001. Cool right?
It uses 35mm film. Fully manual. Can function without batteries. But for newbie like me, I need 2 small watch's batteries for exposure metering. Haven't snap a single photos with it. (lack of confidence)

There is only 1 lens of mine can use with this camera. the 50mm f1.8 lens. The others are new generation lens, without aperture ring.

Polaroid - Fujifilm mini 7s white

I bought her from Taiwan. I called her 小白. small whitie.She is cute and pretty. Love her so much. 
As I said, I like to play. So, I bought a fisheye lens for her. To create special effect photos. The films are expensive.But I feel worth it, especially when having special events with family, your beloved one, and also best friends. 

Yesterday I received the self mirror lens attach on her. I bought this because this fuji mini didn't have self timer.Make me feel so inconvinient to take group pics. Hope it helps.

Polaroid - Poloaroid 635cl

I called it small blackie. To match with my small whitie. I bought this just for collection purpose. This is because the film polaroid 600 have been stopped production for quite a long time. It's really limited now and therefore expensive. But I heard that it will be reproduced soon. Let's see how in future.

Film automatic camera - Agfa Optima

Other accessories :

Backpack : Lowepro Fastpack 250 Black

Tripod : Cullmann Nanomax 220

A very small tripod. Quite okie for me to travel around. But doen't hold my D90 really stable.I can feel that sometimes it is shaking. Recently I used this tripod for my flash with wireless off camera purpose. To hold a flash definitely not a problem. Therefore, I need a more stable tripod now. (light, but can support heavy camera at least 3,5kg, small when folded,but high enough when open up!) If you have 1, please share with me,Thanks alots. :-)

Toy : jelly lenses

I bought 12 different kinds of jelly lenses.Since they are cheap, I couldn't expect more as well. But I failed to have fun from them. Too bad.

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