TIME really flies

Long time did not update my blog already.

So fast year 2008 has come to the end, eRmm... 24 days left. Then come year 2009! In this last 24 days for 2008, i am gonna do as many things as i possible that i wish to do during this year. So do you. if not, the only thing left is REGRET.

A-level exam coming soon,next sem! Always have plenty of plans to study during the holidays. But non of them work. I think that i should start worry the result and my study to GERMANY in year 2010. B'coz I may not be able to fly if i failed or did not pass the cut-off point. Jia You ba!!

So fast...STPM ended. Wei Yee just finished her STPM on 3th of Dec, then come to KL straight away...and now start working already. NO time to rest and enjoy the holiday she supposes to has. Feel sorry and pity for her. Well..during this coming holiday, I will bring the to Mid Valley and Time Square... Christmas and year-end sales, really hope we have no financial problem to worry about and can shop as we like. haha.. (time flies and money burns very fast too)..start dreaming already.

It's late now.. should continue my dream when I meet Mr.ChOw.nitex