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I am writing this post for the second time. Just now wrote it while I was in the train. And there is something wrong with the Internet. Failed to publish... AARRGGHH~
So, here it goes~
I had an awesome vacation in Feldberg black forest, Germany. Its the first time I enjoyed the winter and snow so so much! It was a 7 days and 6 nights ski trip. :)
Day 1 ( 12.2.2012 )

the only day with sunshine, super good weather! Others were with lots of fog and snow drop.
Zalia suggested that people should call it as white forest instead of black forest.

He is my day 1 teacher. Jochen, a friend of chen liang.
*** Bryan is injured after that, and rest for 2 days!

Day 2 ( 13.2.2012 )

I'm too dumb, Jochen kept teaching me and Bryan, and he can't really enjoy the SPEED. So I decided to take a ski course. I paid 35€ for a one day course. 4 hours in total. I found it very worthy because the class is 1 teacher to 2 students only. Include me of course. So it's more like a private class. ( but the price is group-price ) Besides, I had a very nice and pretty ski teacher. She is Romy. I wanted to take a picture together with her, but I'm too shy to ask for it. Well, before I left on the last day I said to her that we will see each other next winter again. Hopefully she is still there that time. XD
Day 3 ( 14.2.2012 )
Valentines day, but I'm single, I think it's none of my business, so, still ski ~

Tested a new route, Fahler Loch II. I tried it 3 times, but I still find it very hard. The slope is so stiff, long narrow and lots of bumps.
Every time I reached this point, I will stop and stand here look downward, start to feel depressed. I don't know how to go down! Lol
Day 4
Rest my muscle at the apartment!

Injuries, blue black on my ear and kaki Bengkak! :(
Day 5 (16.2.2012)

Games after dinner with shots of absinthe 66%.
Day 6 (17.2.2012)

Ski to a black piste! DANGEROUS route~ nahhhh IMPOSSIBLE LA. I just stopped there and took a picture. The real 1 was red piste 12 Klusenwald. Favorite route~ :D
*** Esmond hit a little girl here. And she cried and scolded him HALLO~ then her dad came ... ...
Well, I really love this trip, I learnt how to ski! I am so talented! *perasan* Hahaha~ wanna buy a ski set in ebay soon. Have fun people!
Look forwards to my food tour in Malaysia. HAPPY HOLIDAY!!! C ya ~

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